Storage units

Tony at FedEx

Dillingham Self Storage offers multiple services for its tenants, one of which is accepting mail for tenants with businesses. We receive pallets, packages and multiple boxes for our tenants.

FedEx is typically the delivery service and Tony is usually their driver. Tony delivers for FedEx about every day. He provides great service for all of our tenants and loves to talk story with us when he stops by! “Everybody knows everybody” is a phrase we like to use in describing our relationship with him because we’re always talking about families and new happenings.

Tony always makes sure packages and boxes are delivered on time. On one occasion he was delivering a pallet of goods but because of how it was structured the goods were shrink-wrapped and strapped to the palette. It made it very difficult to deliver it carefully without damaging the goods inside. Tony needed a forklift to lift the pallet. Fortunately we had electricians working on the roof of our building that day using forklifts to carry equipment around. Tony waited for the electricians so he could use their forklift to carefully lift the palette off and deliver it inside.

We appreciate Tony for all that he does, and for talking story with us with each of his visits! Dillingham Self Storage loves you Tony!